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Shades of Ngwenya: Award Manufacturing Specialists in Krugersdorp.

Based in the Ngwenya Glass Village in Muldersdrift, we specialise in standard and custom made trophies, awards and corporate gifts.

The materials used to manufacture our products is what sets us apart:

We use recycled glass, plate glass, crystal glass, resin, wood, aluminium, brass and stainless steel to produce trophies and corporate gifts of the highest quality and standards.

Why Shades of Ngwenya?

As a premium manufacturer of trophies and corporate gifts, as well as our offers on awards and corporate gift engraving on the Westrand, we have solidified our position as one of the top trophy and corporate gift manufacturers in the country.

Give that loyal and hard-working employee the recognition they deserve, give your attendees a reason for participating, or simply thank all of your staff for their hard work and effort with a custom creation from our dynamic team.

We Specialise in Custom Trophy Engraving, Designing and Corporate Gifts

Shades of Ngwenya provides a diverse range of services and products relating to trophies and corporate gifts. Here are some of the offers you can take advantage of right now:

Crystal Glass Trophies

Crystal glass is the ideal material for thinly worked trophies. They are elegant, sleek and refract glass amazingly thanks to their lead mineral composition.

Recycled Glass Trophies

Recycled glass is widely used for a number of products. As a cost-effective solution for trophies, it is perfect, thanks to the fact that it can be recycled again and again without any loss in purity.

Metal & Wood Trophies

Metal and wood trophies offer a hardy yet cost-effective material for trophies and corporate gifts. They are long-lasting, durable, and easy to fashion into custom designs.

Paperweights & Gifts

Shades of Ngwenya offers a wide selection of standard paperweights and corporate gifts, as well as customised ones. Pick your type, set your design and material, and your creation will be ready to go.

Specially Commissioned Trophies

We offer specialised services for commissions on custom-made trophies and gifts for those extra-special awards and occasions. Speak to us today to start having yours designed.

Glass Blowing Services

With our experienced glass-blowers, there is no design too complicated (or too simple) for us to manufacture. We will have your corporate gift or trophy manufactured exactly how you like it.

Contact Shades of Ngwenya for Details on our Offers

Looking to give a gift or award with something truly unique and meaningful? Contact a representative from Shades of Ngwenya today and find out more about our selection.


Welcome to Shades of Ngwenya, we are award manufacturing specialists based in Krugersdorp. We specialise in custom trophy engraving, trophy designing & corporate gifts.

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