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Handcrafted custom trophies, awards & corporate gifts

Shades of Ngwenya in Muldersdrift specialises in handcrafted custom trophies, awards and corporate gifts.

Our range of handcrafted custom trophies, awards and corporate gifts are made from a range of materials. Please browse each section below for more information.

Crystal Glass Trophies

Our custom-designed crystal glass trophies are perfect for any award or event and are created to our customers’ exact specifications. Shades of Ngwenya Muldersdrift offers handcrafted custom trophies for all types of events and awards.

Since crystal glass has excellent strength, our custom crystal glass trophies can be designed to be slimmer, more elegant, and smaller, without the risk of breaking.

Recycled Glass Trophies

Shades of Ngwenya Muldersdrift manufactures handcrafted custom trophies from recycled glass. As a result, you get a truly unique product that is an environmentally conscious solution. 

Metal & Wood Trophies

At Shades of Ngwenya Muldersdrift, we help our clients to designs a range of handcrafted custom trophies from metal and wood – ideal for various awards and corporate gifts.

We design and manufacture these handcrafted custom trophies to our customers’ specifications, using the highest quality materials available. Our craftsmanship is built on years of experience, insights, and excellence.

Our handcrafted custom trophies made from metal and wood are robust and can withstand impact, scratching, and weathering.

Paperweights & Gifts

If you are interested in purchasing paperweights and gifts as handcrafted custom trophies, you can choose from our high-quality and tasteful designs or commission a unique creation.

Specially Commissioned Trophies

Our in-house team of designers will work closely with you to create exceptional handcrafted custom trophies.

Contact Shades of Ngwenya today

At Shades of Ngwenya Muldersdrift, we design handcrafted custom trophies and medals to fit your requirements. Our dedication has allowed us to supply top-notch products to our clients. If you would like to commission handcrafted custom trophies, get in touch with us today