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How Glassblowing Works

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Glass blowing may seem like a new thing that’s just popped onto the scene, however, the glass blowing technique has actually been around since antiquity. Even though it is not as old as simpler methods like cutting or carving shapes from bigger pieces of glass or bead making, the art of glass blowing has been all the range since the time of the Roman Empire.

First century B.C. Syrians are most commonly credited with the amazing discovery that glass could be blown by using a hollow tube and blowing into many different molds or shapes, this is a landmark event in the history of the glass manufacturing process.

Quite impressively, some glassblowing techniques have not evolved much since then. There have been a few new technologies that have introduced more modern equipment, but the main fundamentals of glassblowing have remained the same. Below is some more information about glass.

Glass is a very ubiquitous product and many of us do not give it too much thought. But if you evert stop and consider glass, a common question that may pop up would be, if glass is solid, how can it be transparent? Well, the transparency in glass is because of glass’ interesting molecular structure, this means that it is a solid, however, it has a molecular arrangement more akin to a liquid. With most solids, highly organized molecules are rigidly aligned and the closely bound together. When it comes to liquids, these molecules have a weaker connection and are positioned in a more random manner. Known as an amorphous solid, glass, while it is rigid like a solid, has a randomized molecular structure like a liquid does. And this characteristic is why glass is transparent. Light waves are much better at penetrating through this kind of arrangement than through any other close-quartered solid molecular arrangements.

But for now, it’s enough just to know that glass can be made from combinations of many different ingredients, and these create many levels of traits like strength, transparency and conductivity.
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