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Deciding on a company to supply trophies and awards

Trophies are lovely to reward people for any occasion, sporting event, end of year function, school teams etc. We talk about if trophies can be personalised and engraved, the benefits of giving a reward and how long it takes to get a trophy engraved.
Can trophies be personalised?
Trophies are best given when they are engraved and personalised. To make a person feel extra special, go that extra mile of making them personalised. Engraving can be done on almost everything, weather the trophy is glass, wooden or metal you can get it engraved with a name of phrase.
The benefits of giving a reward.
Rewarding someone makes them feel appreciated and if they feel appreciated, they work harder. Year end function rewards are wonderful for the business’s employees to grow, succeed and challenge themselves. Getting first place in a soccer match and receiving a trophy for all your hard work really makes an impact on a team for the upcoming season.
How long does it take to get a trophy engraved?
When placing your order for trophies to be engraved, always talk to the company you are dealing with to discuss their turn around time. This creates less stress and gives you peace of mind. However, on average rush orders can take up to 24 hours and anywhere up to a couple of days, depending on how bug the order is.
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Glass Trophies | Custom Trophies

The Benefits of Awarding Employees with Trophies

Motivating staff to perform at their best while retaining their loyalty takes its own special kind of strategy, an internal one that makes them feel appreciated in their time and efforts, and motivates them towards consistent, and effective productivity.
There are a number of ways that your business can do this. One such way is by awarding your employees with meaningful, hand crafted, custom trophies.
Here’s how doing so can improve on the productivity of your business:
Show them they’re Appreciated
Awarding trophies to your employees shows them that you value their skills, experience and service. This is an excellent way to not only keep employees motivated, but also keeps them loyal.
People like to feel appreciated for their efforts, and when they do, they put out better work and are generally more productive.
Create a Competitive Environment
There’s something about being able to win something that galvanises people to do their best. Acknowledging top performers, or those that bring the most value to your business with awards and corporate gifts.
This will create an environment of competitiveness within your business as your best employees vie for recognition for their efforts, creating an exciting, though productive environment to work in.
Continuous Motivation
Keeping trophies and awards that have been won by employees displayed in your working spaces will also remind everyone in the office that exceptional work is recognised, not only by management but also by peers.
Having them in working spaces as a visible reminder of an employee’s excellence will not only motivate the winning employee to be consistently exceptional, but will do the same for everyone who can see it.
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What it takes to become a Glass Blowing Specialist

What is a Glass Blower?
A glass blower construct designs ranging from simple to complex, using molten glass (Extremely Hot Glass). Glass jars and vases, jewelry, art work, and figurines all may materialize from the end of a narrow long tube, the skill and tools of the glass blower determining the final design of the glass.
The skill of glass blowing itself is an ancient one. It was in use in the middle east as early as 20 BC, among the Phoenicians, when creating crude glass receptacle sturdy enough to hold liquids was a great accomplishment. As practitioners became more advanced in their skill, artisans began experimenting with the designs of finely detailed and delicate blown glass that combined a variety of colors and shapes to form what represents to works of art. Today’s glass blowing techniques mirror those of the past, with skilled workers using methods of glass construct that have been passed down through the generations.
What does a Glass Blower Do?
In conventional, glass blowing, molten glass is first made by heating a combination of soda ash, potash, limestone and sand to over 1093.3 Degrees Celsius. When using the oldest technique, free-blowing, the glass blower spools a section of molten glass on to the end of a blowpipe, forming amass, or blob of molten glass. The blower then blows air through the pipe to expand the glass into a bubble of the required size. From this point, several tools are employed to produce the design the blower has envisioned.
The marver, a flat, thick steel surface, is used to cool and shape the glass. Tweezers, paddles, jacks and shears are used variously to pull out glass formations, flatten areas and cut and shape the glass. Glass that is not cooled properly can shatter dangerously due to thermal stress. Finished glass pieces are placed in an annealing oven to cool down at a safe temperature, a process that can take hours or days, depending on the size of the finished product. Individual glass blowers often develop their own workspaces and techniques, designed to suit their way of working, and methods of creation.
For amazing glass creations, getting in touch with our professionals at Shades of Ngwenya today!

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Four Reasons Why Glass is Better Than Plastic

There is an age-old battle between glass and plastic. And while there are pros and cons for both sides, glass is almost certainly the better of the two. How so? Well, here are four good reasons.


Plastics fill up landfills at a phenomenal rate. Glass, due to the fact that it is reusable, is a far less harmful culprit. Glass is also a great material to recycle, and the process uses less energy and releases less toxins than plastic recycling. If you’re looking to go green, go glass.

Less Toxic

Producing a PET plastic bottle may generate as much as 100 times the toxic emissions than producing the same sized bottle out of glass. These toxins then go into the air and into water, polluting everything that it comes into contact with. For this reason alone glass should be considered for all applications hen possible.

Glass is Class

That’s right, glass is beautiful. Glass is easy on the eye, and certainly a lot more classy than plastic. Imagine hosting a dinner party and pouring that fancy bottle of red wine into plastic cups for your guests? The notion is almost incomprehensible. Quite simply put, glass = class.


Though glass products are often more expensive than their plastic counterparts, they will last longer. This means that by the time you have gone through 85 plastic containers, you could very well still have your original glass containers. Over time this amounts to huge savings. Think in the long-run when choosing between plastic and glass!

Shades of Ngwenya

Shades of Ngwenya is based at Ngwenya Glass Village in Muldersdrift. We are trophy manufacturers specializing in custom made trophies, awards and corporate gifts, as well as a large range of standard trophies. We manufacture from recycled glass, plate glass, crystal glass, resin, wood, aluminium, brass and stainless steel in the West Rand. Bring us your design and we will create it for you, or we can create a custom trophy or award design for you through our in-house graphic design department.

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How Glassblowing Works

Glass blowing may seem like a new thing that’s just popped onto the scene, however, the glass blowing technique has actually been around since antiquity. Even though it is not as old as simpler methods like cutting or carving shapes from bigger pieces of glass or bead making, the art of glass blowing has been all the range since the time of the Roman Empire.

First century B.C. Syrians are most commonly credited with the amazing discovery that glass could be blown by using a hollow tube and blowing into many different molds or shapes, this is a landmark event in the history of the glass manufacturing process.

Quite impressively, some glassblowing techniques have not evolved much since then. There have been a few new technologies that have introduced more modern equipment, but the main fundamentals of glassblowing have remained the same. Below is some more information about glass.

Glass is a very ubiquitous product and many of us do not give it too much thought. But if you evert stop and consider glass, a common question that may pop up would be, if glass is solid, how can it be transparent? Well, the transparency in glass is because of glass’ interesting molecular structure, this means that it is a solid, however, it has a molecular arrangement more akin to a liquid. With most solids, highly organized molecules are rigidly aligned and the closely bound together. When it comes to liquids, these molecules have a weaker connection and are positioned in a more random manner. Known as an amorphous solid, glass, while it is rigid like a solid, has a randomized molecular structure like a liquid does. And this characteristic is why glass is transparent. Light waves are much better at penetrating through this kind of arrangement than through any other close-quartered solid molecular arrangements.

But for now, it’s enough just to know that glass can be made from combinations of many different ingredients, and these create many levels of traits like strength, transparency and conductivity.
Shades Of Ngwenya are award winning manufacturing specialists in Krugersdorp. We specialize in customized trophy designing, trophy engraving and corporate gifts. For more information, visit our website on

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And the Winner is…

Families gather around their television sets in anticipation of the Academy Awards every year and hair never fails to stand on end when seeing one of its renowned recipients holding one of the most distinguishable trophies of our time; the Oscar Statuette. Whilst a trophy is merely particles of solid matter, the history and tradition behind the Oscar Statuette means it represents the kind of achievement which sets men and women apart in the film industry whilst defining careers.

So What’s the Big Deal with Trophies?

Sure, handcrafted custom trophies are uniquely tailored artworks and can be beautiful in themselves, but it is the blood, sweat, tears and constant striving for ranked achievement which really give them their true value and make them a desirable item to have in one’s possession.
In essence, trophies and various awards represent the concept of triumph whilst turning achievement and pride into something hand-held.

Why Would Trophies, Awards and Corporate Gifts Benefit My Company?

Introducing a tangible reward such as a trophy into the corporate space not only serves as a motivational tool, but paves the way for consistency and tradition to give the award more weight once there is a history behind it.

Doing this will also set a kind of benchmark for employees to reach and even strive beyond as they are prompted into action via motivating social and performance comparisons with peers. Awarding employees is also a way for you as the employer to express your appreciation and gratitude for their efforts and work ethic – making this a powerful tool for comradery and pride in the workplace.

How Do I Find Trophies that Uniquely Represent My Company?

Think about the values that your company holds and how you wish to evolve as a business from there. The kind of legacy or tradition you want your company to be synonymous with would probably be a great place to start with custom trophy design. The team at Shades of Ngwenya can assist you in creating your perfect representation in trophy form. For further information, send an inquiry to

The Magic Of A Custom Gift

Custom Wrapped Gift | Shades Of Ngwenya

The Magic Of A Custom Gift

We all have these certain people in our lives that we love, but we struggle to get them meaningful gifts that they would enjoy. This can be because they are fussy people who do not like many things, or they are one of those people who already seem to have everything. The trouble comes in when we know that we cannot always give them vouchers or generic gifts such as chocolate, biltong or even candles. We want our gift to be something that they would greatly appreciate, while still being something that they would use and enjoy. This can become very tricky, especially as the years go on.

Dealing With The Struggle

There is no doubt about it, we love these people in our lives, yet we dread any time we know we have to start the tedious hunt to find them something that they will like and use without giving them a simple or generic gift time after time. Sure, we can give them generic gifts every once in a while, but we also want to express to them how much we appreciate them and value their presence in our lives. We cannot always express that gratitude and admiration with another box of chocolates and a pair of socks.

A Custom Gift

A custom gift is a great way to show the people we love that we care about them and that we pay attention to them. It is a great way to let them know that we truly do want to make them happy and show our appreciation. It is also a great means of getting them something truly unique for their needs and interests. A custom gift is a simple, yet elegant item that you will get created just for that loved one. This could be based on something that they already have like an existing collection, or something that they need, or something that they would just admire.

The Perfect Custom Gift

The best custom gift is something that is personal to that specific person. There are no limitations to the gift as it could be a bar decoration, a study clock, an office paperweight or a new favourite beer glass. The options are there. If you are still stuck on what you could do, be sure to seek the advice of a professional. One such professional is Shades of Ngwenya. Be sure to visit their website to find out more about how they can help you create the best gift.

Interesting Facts About Glassblowing

Interesting Facts About Glass blowing | Shades Of Ngwenya


Interesting Facts About Glassblowing

Glassblowing is an amazing art form which has been evolving for centuries, and has now been elevated to a place you’ll have to see to believe. If you have not been to a local contemporary art event, then you have been missing out, especially if they feature glass artwork. At Shades Of Ngwenya we specialise in glassblowing, handcrafted custom trophies & medals. So we have put together some cool facts that we think you should know about glassblowing!


Volcanoes and lightning bolts were the first glassblowers.

In order to transform raw materials into glass, things need to be heated up to extremely high temperatures. For a better understand of how hot the temperature needs to be in order to create glass, nature originally made it in one of two ways. The first way glass was made, was when lightning struck sand, which sometimes fused it into slender glass tubes called fulgurites. The second way, is via a volcanic eruption, which sometimes fused rocks and sand together into a glass called obsidian.


Glassblowing is as old as the Roman Empire.

Glassblowing originated in the first century before the common era, which actually coincided with the establishment of the Roman Empire. Due to the fact that it appeared at this point in history, it made it easier for glassblowing to spread more quickly, and became all the more popular.


Mold-blowing and free-blowing are the two major methods of glassblowing now.

These days there are two major methods of glassblowing; mold-blowing and free-blowing. Mold-blowing, involves placing a glob of molten glass on the end of a blowpipe, and inflating it into a wooden or metal carved mold. This means that the texture of the bubble of glass is determined by the design on the interior of the mold, rather than the blower’s skill. On the other hand, free-blowing involves blowing short puffs into a molten portion of glass, which has been spooled at one end of the blowpipe.

Explaining Plaque and Trophy

Awards Explained: Plaques and Trophies

Award Types: Explaining Plaques & Trophies

Receiving and award is fulfilling as it is always great to feel appreciated which in turn boosts morale. Trophies and plaques are the most common types of awards; this is because they are the most frequently used types of awards. Let’s go through each type to provide a better understanding on what Trophies and Plaques are.


Trophies are most likely the most common type of award. In the past trophies were made out of silver or gold and were cup-shaped awards. Nowadays with the use of modern technology trophies can now be made out of wood, crystal, metal and any other material that can be changed into a relevant shape for a certain sporting event. Trophies are popularly used in sporting events.
A trophy serves as a reward for achieving a predetermined goal for a team or a player. Trophies work as they encourage teams to work together, leading them to achieve the final goal. For a single player, a trophy encourages individuals to achieve a distinctive goal that will separate him or her from all the players.


“Plaque” comes from a word that means tablet or ornamental plate. A plaque is usually a plate made out of ceramic, stone, metal or wood. Plaques are commonly awarded in formal occasions, corporate settings and events. Plaques are often given to volunteers, companies, organisations or members of the organisations/ companies. Giving a person or a group a plaque is a tangible way of giving them credit for their accomplishments.
Giving employees plaque to encourage productivity and to show them that their hard work is recognised and appreciated. Company managers, who understand that their employees deserve to be motivated and recognised have usually have employees that work harder and deliver satisfying outputs.

Unfortunately, a lot of organisations still do not see that an award is an investment. Awards help to keep staff members feel appreciated and which in turn encourages them to remain loyal. An award is the most inexpensive and most effective way of showing reinforcement. Many people take pride in their awards and place them on display in their homes for everyone to see, therefore make sure to choose plaques that are made out of the best quality materials.