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The Magic Of A Custom Gift

The Magic Of A Custom Gift We all have these certain people in our lives that we love, but we struggle to get them meaningful gifts that they would enjoy. This can be because they are fussy people who do not like many things, or they are one of those people who already seem to […]

Interesting Facts About Glassblowing

  Interesting Facts About Glassblowing Glassblowing is an amazing art form which has been evolving for centuries, and has now been elevated to a place you’ll have to see to believe. If you have not been to a local contemporary art event, then you have been missing out, especially if they feature glass artwork. At […]

Explaining Plaque and Trophy

Award Types: Explaining Plaques & Trophies Receiving and award is fulfilling as it is always great to feel appreciated which in turn boosts morale. Trophies and plaques are the most common types of awards; this is because they are the most frequently used types of awards. Let’s go through each type to provide a better […]

Benefits of Recycling Glass

Benefits of Recycling Glass Recycling is glass beneficial and extremely simple. Below are some detailed benefits of glass recycling:   It is a simple process Glass recycling is simple because glass is one of the easiest materials to recycle. Furthermore, almost all municipal recycling centers and curbside recycling programs accept glass. For a large number […]

Glass Plaque & Trophy Trend

The corporate sector invests in corporate plaques and trophies as tools for awarding their employees. These trophies are important as they are given to employees and teams in order to acknowledge the achievements in the various departments. There is a wide variety of gifts and awards used in corporate rewarding. However, we are seeing a growing trend […]

The Process of Blowing Glass

Glass blowing is an ancient tradition and art-form which has enriched our lives with adornments since man first learnt the benefits of heating sand. We make use of glass products in and around our homes in all shapes and sizes on a daily basis, and while it is common knowledge that glass is formed through […]

Everything About Paperweights

Paperweights have been around since the 1800’s. They were first introduced by the French, and then later used in the United States and the United Kingdom. A paperweight is a small, heavy object that is used to place on top of papers to keep them from blowing. This was a great advantage to painters and […]

The Importance of Recycling

The Importance of Recycling By simple definition, recycling is converting or reprocessing waste products or material into reusable material. The concept of recycling has been around for most of human history. In the year 1031, Japanese shops first sold re-pulped paper, and that was the first recorded instance of recycled paper. During the 1750 and […]

How to Reuse Glass Bottles

How to Reuse Glass Bottles Have you lost count of all the glass bottles in your home? We all know the feeling, buying that one expensive bottle of wine or whiskey or maybe any special drink, eventually finishing it, and then not wanting to get rid of the bottle. Because it was just that expensive! […]