Benefits of Recycling Glass

Benefits of Recycling Glass

Recycling is glass beneficial and extremely simple. Below are some detailed benefits of glass recycling:


  • It is a simple process

Glass recycling is simple because glass is one of the easiest materials to recycle. Furthermore, almost all municipal recycling centers and curbside recycling programs accept glass. For a large number of South Africans all that is needed is to, drop off empty glass containers at a nearby collection point or in some cases carrying recycling bins to the curb.  The most challenging part about recycling glass is that you might need to separate different colour glasses to maintain cullet (crushed glass) uniformity.

  • It is sustainable

Recycling glass is sustainable because glass is 100-percent recyclable. This means that glass can be recycled again and again and it will not loss the purity or quality in the glass.

  • It is efficient

Glass is the main ingredient in all new glass containers therefore recycling glass makes making it more efficient. Typically, new glass containers are made of approximately 70 % of recycled glass. It is estimated that, 80% of all recycled glass will eventually end up as new glass containers.

  • It saves energy

Recycling glass saves energy by not needing to make new glass. New glass is made by heating sand and other substances to a temperature of 2,600 degrees Fahrenheit. This process creates a lot of industrial pollution, uses up a lot of energy and produces greenhouse gases. Step one in the glass recycling process is to crush the glass and create cullet. Reducing glass products into cullet and making new glass containers this way consumes 40% less energy than making new glass from raw materials. This is due to the fact that cullet melts at a much lower temperature.

  • It Pays

Yep, that’s right it pays which is extra incentive to recycle glass. In South Africa buy-back centers offer cash refunds for most glass bottles.  Approximately 50 000 active glass collectors in South Africans collect and sell glass buy-back centres for extra money.

With all the benefits of recycling glass why not start recycling today. At Shades Of Ngwenya we are passionate about all things glass. Visit our website today.

Glass Plaque & Trophy Trend

Glass Trophies | Glass Plaque & Trophy Trend | Shades Of Ngwenya

The corporate sector invests in corporate plaques and trophies as tools for awarding their employees. These trophies are important as they are given to employees and teams in order to acknowledge the achievements in the various departments. There is a wide variety of gifts and awards used in corporate rewarding. However, we are seeing a growing trend in corporate rewarding sector, of trophies made from glass. This isn’t a new trend but it has been gaining popularity over the past few years. Glass Trophies have been gaining popularity because of modern technology, which has made the engraving process a lot easier.  Laser engraving is the modern way of engraving glass trophies and it is widely accepted because it is accurate and the etchings are much deeper. In the past engraving was something that was only done on metal materials, but thanks to innovative laser technology, crystal and glass can now be engraved.

Engraving trophies is the best way to customize and personalize corporate trophies, making them glass trophies very fashionable. Engraved trophies, are more sentimental because they have that added personal touch, compared to trophies that are not engraved. For example, engraving your employees name or a special message, on the trophy makes the trophy, that much more special. Bear in mind though, that the simpler the trophy’s design, the better the crafting will be.

Trophy makers have been using innovation to come up with more appealing materials to use when it comes to trophy design. Glass was an obvious choice as it caught their eyes due to its shiny nature. Glass is a great material as it can easily be modified into various sizes and shapes hence making it an ideal material for these processes. Glass trophies are becoming increasingly popular for the various award ceremonies due to its elegant and futuristic look. The sparkly and crystal-clear reflection of glass can be seen in all directions making the glass more popular material. 3D designs are also gaining popularity in the trophy industry. Choosing 3D glass corporate trophies for your award ceremonies sends a statement. A statement that you are not only enthusiastic about new ideas and of technology, but also that you value and recognize your employees. Therefore, make the right statement and choose a glass made trophies or plaquesShades of Ngwenya can customized and engraved glass trophies to your preferences, just like trophies made from other materials.