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Custom Designed Recycled Glass Trophies


Trophies are the ideal addition to just  about any event or celebration, whether it be corporate or personal. Shades  of Ngwenya Krugersdorp can help you complete your next one by manufacturing custom designed recycled glass trophies for your event or celebration.

From 21st birthdays and sports events to corporate prize-giving and acknowledgments, our custom approach to trophies makes our selection suitable for any one of your needs.

Custom Designed Recycled Glass Trophies

What makes our recycled glass trophies so special? At Shades of Ngwenya Krugersdorp we take a customer-centric approach to our offers. We build and design trophies, awards and more, that are to the exact specifications of our clients.

This means that you get something unique and made with love each time you order from us, and always get the exact details you are looking for.

With a range of designs, sizes and more, you can take home a winning trophy that says exactly what you want it to, in exactly the way you intended.

Environmentally Conscious

Our custom designed recycled glass trophies come with another major benefit, in that they are an environmentally conscious solution.

The perfect approach for anyone who wants to make a difference, each one of our recycled glass trophies sold, accounts for a positive environmental impact.

An estimated 28 billion glass bottles and jars are thrown out each year, which accounts for major damage to our environment.

By using recycled glass in these pristine creations, we and our clients do a small part to make a positive difference.

Made to Perfection

With high-quality materials and techniques refined over years of practice and experience, our glass blowers achieve perfection with every trophy we create. We strive to exceed the expectations of our clients and have a track-record of excellence to prove it.